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Hampshire: Time for a change

It’s time for a change at Hampshire County Council. The Conservatives have cost you more and delivered less, slashing vital services while spending money on bureaucracy, consultants and glossy reports.
Our roads and pavements are in decay. One in ten parents fails to get the school of their choice for their child. Social care is in crisis. Promises of broadband for all, green energy schemes and Extra Care places have been broken.

Hampshire deserves better. Click here for details of the Lib Dem alternative

It’s time for a Liberal Democrat-led Hampshire. 

Meet the Lib Dem candidates for the Fareham seats

Roger Price - Portchester

Roger is a long standing resident of Portchester. He is passionate in working for the residents to cut through the red tape of local authorities. Over the course of the last year he has replied to 1765 residents’ emails and has obtained, through working with County Officers, 23 road resurfacings in Portchester out of a total of 28 in the whole of Fareham. He is strongly committed to the area having represented Portchester on the County Council for 24 years. He has supported many of our local groups with grants and can always be seen out and about helping residents with their individual problems.

Jim Forrest - Crofton

Jim says: "I represented Stubbington as a Liberal Democrat for 10 years, and I was leader of the opposition on Fareham Council for two years. I've continued to work hard for local people through personal visits and our regular Ad Lib newsletters.

"Crofton faces huge challenges, particularly the threat of development in the countryside gap around us. Liberal Democrats have led the way in informing residents how we can oppose that.

"I have the experience and commitment Crofton needs to meet these challenges. Hampshire needs a change after years of decline under a Conservative Council and I hope you will enable me to play a part in that."

Shaun Cunningham - Fareham Town

It is time for politicians to start listening instead of going off on some personal crusade which has little or any connection with those they seek to represent. If elected, I will follow the same guiding principles which I believe to be so important when representing my ward constituents on Fareham Borough Council; paying attention to the thoughts of the residents I seek to speak for. If elected, I will be your representative taking forward issues which are important to you and will ensure that the voice of the residents of the Fareham Town Division is clearly heard.

Gerry Kelly - Fareham Town

Gerry Kelly is a retired deputy headteacher, with over thirty years’ experience teaching in schools. He has served as a school governor for five years and presently holds the post of Vice Chairman. Gerry works in the heart of the community, being Chairman of the Portchester Community Association, where he teaches art and organises art exhibitions. He is a published author who has used local people’s stories to write humorous fictional tales. He is passionate about education and sees the current deterioration of funding for schools as being hugely detrimental to the youngsters of our town.

Ben Powell - Sarisbury

I was six months short of my 18th birthday before I knew anything of a non-Conservative government. Then I lived through a series of Labour governments. Finally in 2010 a breakthrough - a coalition including the much more sensible Liberal Democrats. But when the Tories once more had an unfettered majority, David Cameron was followed by a loud cry of ‘Cuts, cuts, cuts’ wherever he walked. I figured it was time to do something about it. Like tens of thousands of others, I joined the Liberal Democrats. Damned if I will allow my seven-year-old daughter to grow up like I did, in a country where governments only look out for narrow interests. Now standing as the Liberal Democrat candidate for Sarisbury, I hope that one day Freya will come to me and say, ‘Thank-you daddy for changing our society’.

Jim Palmer - Warsash

Jim Palmer was brought up in Watford, Hertfordshire but has lived in Fareham for 26 years and made it his home with his wife Rowena and family. He retired from the Royal Navy in 2010 after serving for 35 years as a Weapon Engineer. He is a computer systems specialist and now works part time as a computer security consultant. After leaving the Navy, Jim realised he wanted to give something back to his community and he worked with others to establish the Highlands Hub in Highlands Road, Fareham providing support to the local community. Jim’s interests include reading and walking and he has had a long term interest in classic cars and is currently a Director of the Austin Healey Club.

Martin Francis - Titchfield

Martin has lived in the ward for the past 10 years and knows the area well. He is particularly concerned about the road narrowing on Hunts Pond Road, having suffered a near miss himself. He works in the public transport industry and is trying to get a bus stop added to the area.

A year of record wins

2016-17 has been the best year ever for Liberal Democrats in local by-elections - 33 gains since the last local elections in May 2016.

Absolutely brilliant and well done to everyone who made this happen.

Help Fareham Lib Dems to boost the total of Lib Dem councillors even further in the County Council elections on Thursday May 4.

Get Involved!

Cllr Maryam Brady marches for science

Some girls would ask for a spa break for their Birthday. Maryam wanted to go on a march.

Maryam joined marchers in London to celebrate the role that science plays in each our lives and the need to respect and encourage research that gives up insight into the world.  People who value science have remained silent for far too long in the face of policies that ignore scientific evidence and endanger both human life and the future of our world.​

Tories cut funds for yellow lines

Tories on two local councils have made it more difficult for Fareham residents to obtain yellow line parking restrictions despite Lib Dem protests.
Hampshire County Council decided to cut its funding for the work by 60%. So Fareham Council, which did the work under contract, would have to pay more than £59,000 a year, instead of £6,000.
When Fareham’s ruling Conservative executive therefore decided to end the service, Liberal Democrats insisted the decision be examined by the council’s Scrutiny bBoard, rather than just rubber-stamped.
Lib Dem Councillor Maryam Brady told the Scrutiny Board meeting: “If we scrap this contract, I’ll have to send residents to our MP to solve our road issues.”
But with a strong Tory majority on the panel, The vote was six to two to go ahead with the termination of the contract.


A striking evening

A great night at Stubbington and Hill Head Lib Dem's annual skittles challenge at the Crofton pub.

Fareham emerged narrow winners over Gosport and Stubbington/Hill Head, helped by a brilliant strike from Kat Powell.

If you're thinking about joining the local Lib Dems, it's not all politics, we have some great nights out as well.



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