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Stronger In - and Greater In

Forget the soundbites about Project Fear. Britain's greatest achievement has been in advancing the principles of democracy and justice. We should be doing so again at the heart of Europe, not whinging and whimpering on the sidelines. Tim Farron

Remaining in Europe is Project Hope, as Tim Farron spells out in this well-reasoned essay. There's more to this Referendum than the economy, says Tim Farron. It is also about what sort of country our children will be living in when they grow, what is the international legacy we want to leave to the coming generations?


Fareham Borough Council Election 2016

Liberal Democrat Candidates

Fareham East Maryam Brady
  Katrina Trott
Fareham North Peter Trott
Fareham North West Dominic Wong
Fareham South Teigan Newman
Fareham West Rowena Palmer
Hill Head Ben Powell
Portchester East Shaun Cunningham
Portchester West Ward Gerry Kelly
Sarisbury Ward Jim Weeks
Stubbington Jim Forrest
Titchfield Jill Underwood
Titchfield Common Martin Francis
Warsash Jim Palmer

Peter Trott was also the Lib Dem Candidate in the by-election for the Fareham Town division on Hampshire County Council, also being held on May 5.

Congratulations to Katrina Trott on her re-election, and to our new councillors Maryam Brady and Shaun Cunningham. See the full results at

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Campaign News

The Team canvassing in West St on market day - Spring Bank Holiday

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