The Liberal Democrats exist to build and safeguard a fair, free and open society, in which we seek to balance the fundamental values of liberty, equality and community, and in which no one shall be enslaved by poverty, ignorance or conformity.

Sense on transport

Councillor Maryam Brady and Fareham Lib Dem Vice-Chair Jim Forrest are pictured at the party's conference in Brighton before joining its debate on transport policy.

The conference adopted a strategy which included a call for transport infrastructure to be incorporated with new urban and housing developments.

Maryam said: "Fareham Council has still not come up with firm and realistic plans for decent public transport to ensure its Welborne development doesn't choke our roads with thousands more cars every day.

"I'm proud to belong to a party that takes public transport seriously."

Jim Forrest added: "During the conference we were able to travel all over Brighton on frequent bus services running right through the evening. What a contrast to Fareham where huge areas have no evening or Sunday services."

Growing and looking ahead

A warm welcome to all the new members who've joined the Liberal Democrats. Over the summer around 20,000 across the nation have joined us, and here in Fareham we've seen a growth of almost 40 per cent in our membership.

All new members have been invited to take part in our planning for future campaigning in Fareham, and as well as our formal meetings we hold a serious of informal get-togethers so that new and estalished members can meet and exchange ideas.

The first two of these at Coffee#1 and at Cafe Imbizo saw lively discussions with new members making a big contribution. Watch for news of further events on the Facebook link on the right of this page, or send us your views via the Contacts button on our masthead.

Beach improvement brings traffic fears.

Work is under way to transport thousands of tons of shingle to the beach at Cliff Road, Hill Head to raise the beach level and curb erosion.

Residents will remember the severe damage done to the promenade and beach huts there when the coastal defences were undermined during winter storms.

 Ben Powell and Jim Forrest at Cliff Road

The work involves closure of the car park alongside Hill Head Sailing Club to allow lorries to bring in and deposit the shingle. About 200 lorry-loads will be needed over a delivery period of 10 working days, with a likely maximum of 25-30 lorry movements per day.

While this remedial work is very welcome, it's disturbing that it involves so many heavy lorry movements. We asked if the shingle could be brought in by sea, but Solent Costal Partnership explained that the configuration of Hill Head beach makes it unsuitable either from off-loading by lighter, or by spraying from offshore as was done at Hayling Island.

They gave an assurance that their contractors' drivers would be considerate on local roads.

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