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Recycling slowdown

Fareham Councillors raised questions back in JULY about the slowdown in the Borough's recycling rate. They mentioned the need to recycle a wider range of items, eg plastic tubs and trays.

Fareham's Head of Recycling explained then that plans for a Super Materials Recovery Facility, which would give wider recycling opportunities, had been put on hold until after the Government's Waste Strategy was to be announced in  AUTUMN.

Lib Dem Councillor Katrina Trott asked at the Council's DECEMBER meeting whether that strategy had been announced, and was told it would be announced in JANUARY next year.

Cllr Trott says: "Fareham Council is quite rightly campaigning to reduce the consumption of single use plastics in the Borough, yet a project which could help with that has been needlessly delayed for SIX MONTHS.

"It's yet another example of policies the public want and need being kicked into the long grass while Tory ministers stumble and squabble over Brexit."

Fly tipping behind Argos removed!

However, already begun again? In October, residents of Moresby Court in Westbury Road asked me to 'do something' about the unsightly mess in the loading bay behind the closed Argos store.
I contacted our Enforcement Team, expectIng it to be removed within a few days.

WRONG! As it is on private land, not Fareham Borough Council land, it was not the responsibility of our Streetscene team to remove it!
I refused to take that for an answer and insisted that the firm now responsible for that land be asked to clear it straight away. 
It has taken too long for that to happen, despite the efforts of our Enforcement officer, but AT LAST, it has been cleared.

Sadly I found an abandoned sleeping bag there as the 'photo shows. It was mostly dry, so cannot have been there long. I put it on the wall.

Brexitometer comes to Fareham

Picture of the Brexitometer, a chart with dots with most people saying Brexit is not going well, not good for jobs or the NHS and that people want a vote on the final deal.The Brexitometer came to Fareham this weekend, asking local residents: is Brexit is going well, how it will affect Jobs, the NHS and should we have a vote on the final deal.

Lib Dems were joined by Green and Labour activists in a cross party attempt to engage with local residents, discuss the impact of the Brexit and call for a People's Vote on the final deal. A broad range of views were encountered from wholehearted support to "We've already voted".

A number of leavers declined the opportunity to participate, but of the people who did, a large majority do not think the negotiatons are going well and that we should have a final say on the outcome.

Photo of some of the concerned activists who spent time handing out leaflets during four and a half hours on a bitterly cold day!


​Brexit hits QA staff

More than 100 staff members including 90 front line nurses have left QA hospital to return to their EU countries, Liberal Democrats have discovered via the freedom of information act.

By October 16th the equivalent of 91.15 full time Band 5 Staff Nurses had left the hospital for EU countries, leaving the hospital with 324.38 vacant posts. These Band 5 nurses are on the front line dealing with the day to day running of wards caring and attending to the needs of their patients. This number accounts for almost a third of nursing staff at the hospital.

Many of these positions are currently being filled by expensive agency nurses, who are often not only unfamiliar with the running of wards but are also a heavy drain on the finances of the NHS trust.

Other staff including consultants, doctors, radiographers and other health scientists have left, leaving a total of 113.15 full time and equivalent posts vacant.

Councillor Gerry Kelly, the Liberal Democrat spokesman on health and public protection on Fareham Borough Council, who put in the FOI request said, “Staff who have been helping to keep our principal hospital going are voting with their feet as a result of uncertainty over their future after Brexit.”

Update: Fence round open space rejected

Applications to erect two-metre fences round open space in Hill Head have now been rejected by planing officers.

(Details can be found on Fareham Council’s website, ref P/18/0864/LP and P/18/0866/LP)

But the Lib Dems have found that other green spaces could be under threat.

The green north of Springfield Way has been enjoyed by everyone for decades since the estate was built in the 1970s, but two sections of the land were recently sold at auction.

Those sections, though listed as public open space in Fareham’s local plan, were never owned by Fareham Council.

Agents for the applicants said they wanted the fence to prevent vandalism, anti-social behaviour and fly-tipping.

Councillor Jim Forrest says: “I don’t recall any of these issues arising in this space in the 25 years I’ve lived in Hill Head. A fence would destroy the view and prevent lawful use.

“Scores of residents wrote to the Council to say the same, and happily the plans have been quashed.”

But Jim, who is Lib Dem spokesman on planning and development, adds: “This could have worrying implications for Fareham as a whole. I’ve made inquiries and found there are other sites around Fareham where land currently in use as open space is still in private hands."

“I’ve put a question to the Council to ask how many such sites there are and what can be done to protect them.”

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