Suella sacked

14 Nov 2023
Suella before her sacking

Fareham MP Suella Braverman was sacked as Home Secretary following her controversial attempt to over-rule London's police commissioner over the policing of a pro-Palestinian rally on Armistice Day.

And even many Tory supporters agreed the Prime Minster was right to sack her.

A team of Lib Dems were out canvassing in Fareham on Saturday, and found many normally Conservative voters who said they were changing their vote because of their dismay at Suella's habitually divisive and inflammatory language.

People we talked to - including normally Tory voters - said they were embarrassed to tell people that they were from Fareham. And their. disquiet went further than her comments about protests and her undermining of the police - several mentioned her callous comments about homeless people.

She has won no friends by sneering at decent and tolerant people amng her electors as "a woke mob".

Lib Dems will shortly be selecting our candidate to oppose her at the next General Election, and Suella Braverman is proving an excellent recruiting officer for us.