A Fairer Fareham

  • Work for a better balance between services and council tax, protecting essential services.

  • Seek to change the council  structure to  allow full and open discussion and disperse power, enabling citizens to take part more easily in decision making.

  • Ensure Community Action Team meeting promote more meaningful, genuine discussion with residents.

  • Support the foundation of Local Area (Parish) Councils across the Borough.

  • We will continue to ensure consultations are properly worded and scrutinised.


A Safer Fareham

  • Campaign for tax-payers money to be spent locally, with more Police officers on the ground, replacing distant Police Commissioners.

  • Promote the use of a ‘Police Forum’ to talk directly with residents across the Borough on local issues.

  • Support schemes such as ‘Neighbourhood Watch’ and ‘Local Speed Watch’


A Cleaner Fareham

  • Remove tip charges for bulky waste for domestic households, making it free of charge to domestic users and available 7 days a week, in our efforts to prevent fly – tipping.

  • Promote regular public panels, advising the council on how to make the town greener and more plastic free.

  • Ensure our Marine and Coastal environment is protected and embraced in any local plans.

  • Continue to support campaigns to remove litter from our streets and green spaces.


A Caring Fareham

  • Work collaboratively with Hampshire County Council and other agencies to ensure better integration of health and social care.

  • Demand adequate funding for mental health and substance misuse services. We need increased funding for the Child and Mental Health Campaign.

  • Lobby for increased funding for children with Special Needs.

  • We believe that children’s centres should be reinstated.

  • We will seek to provide regular Youth facilities which should be genuinely inclusive and in each and every part of the borough

  • Fight for a bus service to the Community Hospital and neighbourhod centres.

  • Press for better, safe cycling and pedestrian routes.                                      


A well-planned Fareham

  • Work with developers and neighbouring councils to address the shortage of affordable homes and social rented properties.

  • Look favourably on well-designed developments, which are energy efficient and  in keeping with the surrounding areas.

  • Seek reasons why planning consents have not all resulted in building starting. Campaign for a one year start up time limit for new developments.

  • Seek consultation and innovative ideas for revitalising and refurbishing the town centre and the local shopping areas across the borough.

  • Protect and enhance our green spaces, reduce pollution, promote recycling and provide a healthy environment for all our residents.

  • Homelessness should not be a problem in 21st Century Fareham. We must create more hostel space and support programmes to get homeless people back on their feet .

Our National Vision

"The Liberal Democrats exist to build and safeguard a fair, free and open society, in which we seek to balance the fundamental values of liberty, equality and community, and in which no-one shall be enslaved by poverty, ignorance or conformity."

Preamble to the Liberal Democrats' Constitution


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Ed Davey Leader of the Liberal Democrats