Titchfield - Justin Grimley
Sandra Abrams

Titchfield - Justin Grimley

Justin Grimley was our candidate in the May 2022 local election and took second place.

Justin’s real passion is climate change, and he wants to work with councillors and local people to make Fareham residents proud of how we respond to the climate emergency. 

As an experienced project manager in the IT industry, Justin will work to make a Fareham an even better place to live.

2022 election result

Titchfield Common - Sandra Abrams

Sandra Abrams was our candidate in Titchfield Common in the May 2022 election.. Having lived in Fareham for more than fifteen years and with broad experience in local politics, Sandra is keen to fight against Government plans to increase urbanisation of our area. 

As a member of Friends of the Earth, Sandra understands the uphill struggle to protect our environment. 

Sandra also campaigns for better accessibility to good quality community services.

2022 election result

Layout for new homes near Bellfield

The detailed plans for 57 homes south of Bellfield, which were allowed on appeal, have now been published.

You can see them here. Search for P/23/0175/RM under Titchfield.